Why Fight?

In my previous post, I talked about the politics of school buildings and Rep. Todd’s bill to allow the municipal school districts governments to takeover county schools. Today was the last day to file bills and the senate bill was not filed thereby killing the bill for this session. The question that I get is: Since the Republicans own both legislatures could they not push this through? The answer is not obvious to you but it is to me:

The new SCS Board is willing to work this out. The media would have you to believe that we are bitterly divided when only a handful of commissioners are not willing to work together. The reality is that those who were appointed to our board were so frustrated with their system that they felt this was the only way to stop the MCS pain. However, they also understand the implications for our community as well. We work well together.

There is also immense business pressure from the community as they begin to exert their influence by threats of relocating businesses if we do not cooperate. That impacts all of our livelihoods.

I truly believe that we will come up with a solution that everyone can agree to. The stakes are very high for this community and an epic battle is not the way to resolve this.


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