Finding a solution that works

As you have been able to follow in the news, there is now a real push to come up with a solution with how to allow access to buildings for new municipal schools. As part of the consultant’s report for Bartlett, they opined that Bartlett should be “given”these properties based upon precedent and case law. In short, full title to property with no consideration. I do believe that this is accurate. However, this is sure to face a court challenge that may delay the opening of the new school districts or worst case, a judge decides to throw it out all together and we have to build our own buildings. Obviously logic dictates that this surplus incredible waste. But we do always deal in logic?The question becomes: How do we create a solution that works and keeps us out of court?


The answer is an agreement. I have put forth an agreement that I think would work. The SCS board would enter into and agreement with each school system and allow exclusive access to the new systems for no cost except maintenance and other operational costs. This keeps the ownership with the  SCS but gives possession to the new school district. In the event, the school district was to buy the property, they would have to pay the remainder of the bond debt. I believe that passing title for free is a court case. I believe my solution could keep us out of court.

Many of the buildings in Bartlett have limited bond debt, so occupying by agreement for 10 years should resolve most bond debt and the cities could get the property for free. With that said, if you look at the big picture i am not for just signing over title unless there is no other agreeable option.

Standing at the end of the road is our legislature who is ready to fix the issue. It would be preferable to not use that option because it could lead to court. With that said, we must come up with a compromise.


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