Sneak Attack!

You may have heard a little birdie yesterday about failed resolution at the county commission that would have forced the county school board to get approval from them to sell any county school property. Let me tell you a story.

Friday afternoon, we the SCS facilities ad hoc committee met to talk about a strategy to deal with property. We had come to the conclusion that we needed to bring in the muni mayors to begin discussions about buildings. The next thing you know Tomeka Hart and Martavious Jones pushed for a special meeting to discuss our position on school buildings. It seemed harmless enough at the time as a precursor to our discussions and the meeting was scheduled for Tuesday.

Unfortunately, we had many of our board members out of town on business but seemed that we would have enough for a quorum. Fast forward to Monday morning… Around 10 am I received a phone call from a county commissioner who informed me that Steve Mulroy was going to add a resolution to their meeting that would try to force us to sell the buildings for market value. At 3:50 pm, I received a copy of the meeting agenda for our special meeting on Tuesday and lo and behold the resolution that had yet to be proposed at the county commission was on our agenda.

It then became clear to me. This was an obvious coordinated attack to take advantage of our board while many of our dissenting votes was out of town. If the county commission would have approved this resolution, it would have been confirmed by our board on Tuesday and we would have been bound to its terms.Fortunately, that effort was defeated by the county commission by one vote. The result would have been an agreement that would have required county commission approval before we sold the property. Absolutely, not the responsibility of the commission. As a matter of fact, the resolution was kept secret until the time that it was brought up.

With that said, you absolutely can see what we don’t want in our community. This new Bartlett City School district will have its own right of self determination without having to worry about sneak attacks from the county commission.

The new Bartlett school board will need Bartlett aldermen who will be willing to work with them and help make sure they are adequately funded but accountable. I know what it means to deal with a funding body that tries to take advantage of you. As a member of the board of alderman, I will make sure that our relationship with our board and funding body works and I am well qualified to make sure there are no sneak attacks.

And by the way, you know that meeting we were supposed to have today, we did not have a voting quorum. So much for booby traps..


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