2 Votes Matter

In case many of you have not been following,there will be Shelby county school board elections this August. At this time, there will only be 7 board members elected. The other 16 members are grandfathered in until August 2013. In September 2013 the county commission will probably expand the board to 13.

The question is: Why does this matter to me? I will not have a board member on the scs after we get our municipal school district. I will have my own city board member. The reason is: 2 votes matter. Let me enlighten you.

When the county commission expanded the school board to 23, they appointed all pro consolidation people, including the ones in the suburbs in district 3 and 4. Obviously, these appointees do not accurately represent the voters in their districts. Lucky for us, they are up for election in just a few months. There are several key decisions to be made over the next year among these being:approval of the consolidation plan, transfer of school buildings to suburbs, and educational agreements with new school boards.

Today our board is split 50/50 with the old mcs and old scs.(whalum supports muni schools). That leaves the appointed 7. There some that are willing to compromise. There are 3 that have not been willing. Two of them are in the suburbs. If you can count, you can see why we need people in position 3 and 4 who are willing to represent their people.

As of this past Friday, 4 of the current appointed members have applied to run in August. The district 3 and 4 appointed members have not pulled a petition. However, it is important that we recruit strong pro-municipal school candidates in 3 and 4. The petition must be pulled and qualified by mid-April. With that said, it is imperative that we recruit candidates now to run for these positions even if they only serve for one year.


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