Education Subscribers

Last week, the TPC approved and administrative model know was the “Multiple Paths” model. It is a hybrid of the original solution posed by Boston Consulting Group that consists of a centralized structure + multiple school paths/districts. I originally  opposed both  structures based upon the grounds that I did not think that path to autonomy was legal. However, this new structure is one that I can buy into and could really form the structure for what i would refer to as “education subscribers”.

An education subscriber would be any school(charter), school district(municipal or ASD) that would subscribe to SCS centralized services to help provide infrastructure to educate their children. The SCS would provide a compliment of school district resources ( transportation, technology, facilities, custodial, books) that subscribers could opt into. There would be a cost associated with opting in as a subscriber and it would change depending on the level of services each school needs but it could provide the appropriate resources needed for start-up and ongoing cost of school districts.

Example: Let’s say Bartlett creates its own school district. Once they elect their board and hire their superintendent, they could in essence contract almost all essential school(minus personnel) services from the county. That would include turnkey operations for starting their own schools including but not limited to facilities, books, technology, all back-end services, transportation, etc. This would all come as a cost to school operators(albeit a cost that is equal to or less). However, it would help guarantee school starts on time and legal issues are minimized including the ever contentious school buildings. Agreements would be based on contract for a fixed period of time and opt-in costs could fluctuate based upon agreed upon performance provisions.

So the district could really be a centralized, subscriber based back-end that utilizes economies of scale and size to drive costs down. Subscribers would pay for those services. The educational operation would be multiple educational providers, many with their own school boards.

This model could be a win-win for all of us as we are able to drive down administrative costs across the county yet preserve operational funding. In essence creating on school district with multiple state, municipal, and lea based operators. A centralized unified school district of sorts giving the choice and autonomy that so many are looking for.


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