Concerning Kriner Cash

There has been alot of press lately about the push for the school board to  not extend or terminate Kriner Cash’s contract. There has been even more press in the community about there not being an open and transparent and fair process. So here goes open and transparent:

I have no idea what has transpired behind closed doors and what progress has been made toward a potential buy-out deal. I have no idea what Kriner Cash wants to do. I have no idea what he plans on doing.

Here is what I do know: He has a contract with the MCS that carries him through the end of next school year. At that point, the Superintendent of MCS goes away due to charter surrender. No reason to discuss and extensions or changes, in a year he will be gone.

John Aitken is on contract through 2015 to be the superintendent of the SCS. The only way to get rid of John would be to pay him the remainder of his contract.

I see no upside in buying out Cash’s contract. As a matter of fact, we need to put this to bed and not allow him use this district for his personal lottery. With that said, I have no plans to vote to approve any buyout. Let him finish his year and wish him God-speed.

I believe the haste in the push to remove Cash is driven by some belief that kicking him to the curb and extending John’s contract will stop some municipalities from starting their own districts. I beleive this to be faulty reasoning but if you notice these activities have quickened since municipalities have started voting.

I think it is important that you all understand my thinking on this and understand the context of these decisions before we begin voting. Based upon our policy, for Aitken’s contract to be extended, it will require a simple majority. Quite doable….  For Cash to get the job, he will need 2/3 of a majority. Almost Impossible…  


Someone wants to make a deal on school buildings. HaHa!

But that is a different story…


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