Where are we?

It has been a while since I have blogged. Between marathon school board meetings, a death in the family, and moving it has been tought to get time to do anything campaign related. So much is going on with so much politics behind it, it really is scary that our children are being used in a political game of chess. Unfortunately, it hurts our county to continue to have these battles. I have talked before about the reasons behind this game. So lets talk about some fo the issues.

Issue #1 – County Commission Lawsuit – True to the regular form of this body, led by Steve Mulroy, Walter Bailey, and Mike Ritz the CC continues to take the path of lets sue people and make them stop us type of mentality. They utilized the same approach when trying to unseat the school board in which 5 members of the old SCS filed a suit to stop the process and in the meantime gave the people the time they needed to create their own board by cutting a deal with the judge to seat all parties and create the 23 member board. Nonetheless, the county commissions timing is not odd. they realize based upon the thumping they received in the August election two years ago, that a huge turnout would sink the democratic party this year . The referendums will drive huge turnout this year setting the stage for another rout. Unfortunately, the case has little merit steeped in age-old argument of race that cannot be proven and based upon our chief legal counsel opinion is shaky and has little merit. My opinion is that this injunction and its timing is to stymie turnout in the suburbs on August 2nd and really nothing more. It is not about children!

Issue #2 – Superintendent Search – The SCS board has taken up the process of trying to find a new superintendent. If have not really understood the reason for replacing John Aitken due to his performance and the fact he was voted TN Superintendent of the year. Not logical to do what we are doing. I opposed it. However, the unfortunate part is that there are many of the appointed school board members whose campaign coffers are greased with lots of Memphis money and they have made some promises. At the end of the day, this search is not about who is the best or most qualified. the last three national searches have ended up as a bust. It is about who can is going to put money behind you and not about common sense. It is about who approves your cell tower contracts. It is about who can get you elected to a higher position. It is not about children!

Issue #3 – August 2nd School Board election – There does not seem to be a whole lot of interest in these races. And I totally understand. Municipalities are going down this road to have school board races and start these districts. However, we must have a plan B in case they are put on hold. It is so important to elect someone who will represent the people in their district, not represent those outside of their district. You must get out and vote regardless if the muni referendums are put on hold.


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