Resolution Supporting Early Childhood Continuum

Resolution to Recognize Early Childhood Education as a Budget Priority

WHEREAS , The Shelby County School Board is charged with operating the Shelby Countyschools as it deems fit in compliance with state and federal mandates in order to ensure the best and most appropriate education for all Shelby County children entrusted to its care;

WHEREAS, The Board is the governing body of the Shelby County school system responsiblefor policy development and oversight, educational planning, and fiscal management, among other things;

WHEREAS, in fulfilling its fiscal management duties, the Board is provided with funding from federal, state, and county funds to be allocated through a budget process;

WHEREAS, as an integral part of the Board’s duties and responsibilities pertaining toeducational planning and fiscal management, it must develop and approve a budget that bestreflects the community’s expectations of the schools;

WHEREAS, as evidenced by the thorough research conducted by the Urban Child Institute and disseminated in its 2012 Data Book, it is incumbent that our community focuses on as many avenues as possible to provide children with early childhood learning opportunities;

WHEREAS, in acknowledging and supporting the early childhood education research by the Urban Child Institute, the Board values the academic success and well-being of all our children and is dedicated and committed to creating a budget that will support educational programs and operations designed to perpetuate an educational continuum beginning with early childhood (i.e. pre-K programs) through and including career/college ready adults;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT, The Shelby County School Board, through itsbudget process for the upcoming 2013/14 School Year, will focus its budget priorities on educational and operational programs designed to support an educational continuum designed toaddress, including but not limited to, early childhood education.


Submitted by:


Dr. Jeffrey Warren


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