The MCS Interim Superintendent – Why Do we Need One?

Last night, at the end of our board meeting, Board Member Chris Caldwell moved to appoint an interim superintendent to replace Dr. Kriner Cash. Dorsey Hopson who is the current SCS General Counsel was nominated to fill out the rest of the term ending on July 1. Martavious Jones moved to replace the name with Dr. Rod Richmond who is the current number two guy at MCS. Dr. Richmond only got one vote and Dorsey Hopson was appointed unanimously.

Several questions I would like to address:

1) Why does MCS have to have an interim superintendent? MCS is required by law to have a Director of Schools until the date the merger is effective. Until the merger, we will have two superintendents.

2) Why can John Aitken not just serve as both? You cannot have a director of schools serving two districts. However, Dorsey made it very clear that the goal was to wind down MCS operations by the July 1st merger date and he made it very clear that the merger effort needs to unite behind John Aitken.

3) Who will lead the merger and make the decisions? John Aitken

4) Is Dorsey Hopson qualified to be superintendent? Dorsey’s role is limited to the wind down of operations. The TSC (transition steering committee) is doing most of the merger work. Dorsey will oversee day-to-day operations. Dorsey is well-qualified to serve in the interim, is a great team player, and will not stand in the way of merger activities.

5) Will John Aitken be the SCS superintendent when the districts merge? The Board voted last night to approve an Ad HOC committee to conduct a superintendent search. That decision is slated to be made towards the end of May. John may or may not be the superintendent depending on how the votes fall. However, I can say that John has a great shot.

6) Why not Rod Richmond? Rod Richmond is a very seasoned administrator and has the respect of his colleagues. However, Rod plans to apply for the superintendent job and the board felt it was inappropriate to appoint him as interim since he has an interest in the job.

7) Is Dorsey interested in the job? Dorsey is an attorney and wants to be a judge one day. This is not a role that fits with his career.

Overall, I think that this appointment is good and will help clear the road for the final landing of this merged district.


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