The Ides of February

After posting the numbers about the preliminary budget, feedback has gone through the roof. An unbelievable amount of concerned parents in the county. And our parents should be concerned. Staff losses that hurt.. And could hurt quality of education in this county.

I want to impress upon you that we hold the cards in this game. Here is what I would do:

1) Be informed – I will provide as much information to you as well as

2) Attend board meetings – There are three key meetings: Monday February 4th and 5th.(6-8 P.M.) And a special called meeting on  February 12th at 5:30 to approve the preliminary budget.

3) Gather the facts about your school tomorrow and Tuesday and find out how these cuts will impact your school and have your principal distill that into the impact to educational services.

4) Convey the impact at these meetings to the board members. Then take the impact and e-mail the leaders in the state legislature.

5) Next, mobilize your parent and teacher population in your cities and begin discussing charter school conversion. And if need be, begin a petition campaign. If you are willing we can host the director of the tn charter  school association to answer any and all questions before you do so. Charter schools will be addressed in this legislative session if changes need to be addressed.

I will fight for you on the board as much as my vote will allow. As a parent with kids in the schools, I am appalled at the cuts. However, as one of you, I will help lead whatever efforts needed to make sure that the quality of education endures in all of our schools.


One Response to The Ides of February

  1. Jennifer says:

    November? or February? For the meetings. Thanks!

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