A Great Turnout Last Night and continued charter school thoughts

Very proud of the turnout at the TLA last night. Even more impressed that so many had things to say. It has not been often in the past that we have had to fight so hard to protect a system that we love so dearly. Tonight, you have the opportunity to do that again and I think that you should.

I believe that the administration will go back and come back with ta budget that is incredibly underfunded but give us a 3-5 year implementation window to eat the proverbial elephant a little at a time.

However, a trend is beginning to emerge in the area of charter schools. Look at the attached slide form last night.

Charter ASD Slide

The explosion of charter schools are and will continue to drain resources out of the SCS leaving a smaller and smaller pool of money to share with schools left in the entire district. The blended  model is difficult to maintain. It would be more cost-effective to be all charter schools or all traditional public schools. And if the future is charter schools and CMO’s, then our board must factor that into our strategic model.

Charter schools are newer models, not as well-defined as traditional public schools. However, unraveling the bureaucratic costs associated with a large system by pouring almost all funds into to the local schools may be more of the model that we need to adopt.

Oh and by the way, the charter schools can be run by a municipal government. I say this not to push charter schools but based upon the feedback I received last night about allowing principals to make the decisions and money going directly to the schools, this model potentially gets us there the fastest.

Keep it up!


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