Budget Night – The Result : 145 million dollars

As advertised, budget night was brutal. The room really setup into two camps. Those who wanted to keep the jobs of custodians, bus drivers, etc. And those who wanted to protect the educational services of the schools.

The administration brought forth a presentation with an 80 million dollar gap (including OPEB). The reality is that number increased class sizes, decreased counselors, decreased nurses, decreased assistant principals, librarians and it did it mostly in the old county system as those resources moved to level-up the city schools.

The administration scrubbed for cost savings and the best they had was 65 million. I went into the budget hearing with a potential compromise but quickly understood that it was futile. The main reason being that cost savings to fund my proposal by deferring the level up of salaries could not happen due to potential litigation at the advice of general counsel.

We also did not have the votes to outsource custodians or busses tonight.

So the question really came down to: Is it time to prove the merger point? That the charter surrender was a bad idea and that we expect our educational services in the county to not be diminished. And based upon my principals, it would have hit them hard. So I took the 65 million dollar price tag and added 80 million dollars to it to bring Memphis up to our standards and wallah!

145 million dollars

Now I don’t support raising taxes this high and I don’t support the continual effort of other elected bodies to try to stifle the desire of citizens of our county to have their own educational system. But I can say this: Until we are cut out of the district my expectation is that the level of SCS services we have today will not diminish.

In the end I protected the resources of my principals to give them the best to do the best they can to educate our children. They deserve it.. Our kids deserve it..


One Response to Budget Night – The Result : 145 million dollars

  1. G. Ballard says:

    I am so very proud of you and your willingness to take on this Hurculean job.

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