What’s next – The Morning After the 145 Million Dollar Bomb

So I find myself today pondering the future after the 145 million dollar bomb. The true operational incremental cost of the merger for bringing the entire district up to the SCS staffing model which is proven to work.

So as i survey the landscape after we dropped the atomic bomb, this is our reality:

1) The county commission will choke on 145 million dollars

2) The county commission only has the votes to raise taxes 10% which would roughly raise the county tax rate .40 and generate 60 million dollars. Since the cc has to make up for the lost values in property tax assessments and fund the juvenile court effort, available funds are more like 45 million dollars.

3) 145 million – 45 million = 100 million – where is 100 million going to come from? The next two months will be spent pondering that question. As we dig into the marrow of the two budgets, we will probably find savings and efficiencies in many areas. But the lion share of school costs resides in the schools. I have galvanized more than ever around the concept of not cutting out of the school.

4) The Norris-Todd Bill envisioned this as being a problem. This would have allowed the suburban school with richer models to create their own districts and push the cost of maintenance to the municipalities. What would be that impact? The leveling of  staffing levels would be off the table at a cost savings to the county since those new schedules would be carried into the municipal districts. That would result in roughly a 100 million dollar savings. Budget hole manageable.

5) The only people stopping the balanced budget is the county commission. Drop the lawsuit. Let these communities take flight and fix the urban education model.


My next steps will be go on a mission to find where 100 million dollars will be cut.. And the focus will not be in the school..



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