Concerning Choice Transfers for 2013-2014(the Northeast Area)

I have received lots of correspondence this week in regards to transfers to various schools in the Northeast High Schools (Arlington, Bolton, and Bartlett) and why they do not show up on the transfer list.

To put it simply: They are already full. Arlington is at 110%, Bartlett will be at 100%, and Bolton is at 100%. The figure used to determine if there is any space is 90%. So the only way to be guaranteed a space in any of these schools is to move into the zone. This will make it difficult for out-of-zone students who want to attend Bolton for the IB program or Bartlett for STEM at lease for the next two years.(or until municipal district or charter schools happen)

Any children currently granted transfers will be able to finish school through their exit grade.

As far as Middle School are concerned, there is plenty of space in Appling, Elmore Park, Bon Lin Middle, and a little less in Shadowlawn. If you are interested in transferring any of these schools you have a good shot. Just remember if you do transfer, you have to provide your own transportation. Arlington Middle is full.

Elementary Schools have space as well. Ellendale, Bon Lin, Rivercrest, Oak, Lakeland, Barrets, and Donelson all have space and you have a good chance of getting in. Arlington elementary is full.

All of these schools are good and have their own strengths and great PTA’s.

Here is the link to start the process starting tomorrow. Good Luck.. Oh and by the way, we have not approved any rezoning plans for schools in the suburbs for the 2013-2014 school year. Your zones should be the same.


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