Tough to Put the Toothpaste Back in the Tube

The title of this post is really indicative of the discussion over the past couple of weeks. There was a notion that maybe we could put the merger off for a year. Allow the municipalities to create their own districts, then better know what we were dealing with.

Sounds good in theory. But in reality, we are already merged. When the two schools boards were put together under one board and one board made the decisions for both districts, we were both merged. The only thing left is to “officially” transfer the administration to Shelby County. That means the Memphis superintendent goes away.

What does that mean? It means in almost all aspects that the merger is done. Policies have been recreated. IT systems have been or are being merged. Jobs are being redefined.

How do you go to a judge and say?  We want to put his off for a year. How do you go to the city of Memphis and say “We need another 65 million dollars?”. How do you identify 100 million dollars worth of efficiency savings in the districts and do away with it for a year and balloon the deficit to an astronomical number?

Ms. Hart’s proposal while it may have made sense 1 year ago. It now comes too little too late.

So, what is the next step for our board:

1) Minimize distractions that do not support the opening of school on August 5th (that includes renaming he district)

2) Approve a real budget (cut the 145 million dollar budget significantly)

3) Affirm the current or hire a new superintendent ( a ridiculous idea to look for a new one)

4) Reconcile the policies of the two districts

Continue to stay tuned to policy related discussions that may or may not impact your school directly. And share your opinion often.


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