Where does the “Hammer” fall

Over the next two months, the SCS (notice the name of the schools) will be knee-deep in budget discussions which will vex the community as people try to find where cuts will come to better balance the budget.

Notice, I say better balance the budget. Because, it will be difficult to perfectly balance it. But on the whole, people will fall into two camps:

1) Keep investments in educational services and allow those to permeate the old MCS. This is directly tied to our school staffing models(AP’s, counselors, nurses, es assistants) and resources poured into the schools by reducing central staff functions and reorganizing support functions (like custodial, bussing, etc).

2) Keep current investments in support functions by leaving them in-house and cutting positions out of ed services.

My decision-making process tends to always have to meet the following criteria before I approve:

1) Does the decision improve educational outcomes of the children?

2) Does the decision make delivery of the educational model more efficient?

3) Does the decision come at the lowest cost to taxpayers without affecting the previous two?

So It think that choice is pretty clear, for me. I believe that we should:

Invest our money into the school educational services. Reorganize non-educational support services(by outsourcing or reorganization) and substantially eliminate positions out of the central office. Funnel as much money as possible into the school.

Have a great weekend. We all have decisions to make. I just wanted you to understand my criteria for making them.


One Response to Where does the “Hammer” fall

  1. Ronald Williams says:


    I’m in agreement with you. Emulating a failed education model makes absolutely no sense to me. I say implement both outsourcing and reorganization.

    Start with the combined budgets of both the Shelby County and Memphis City Schools and start cutting from there!


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