The Next Round of Bruises

I thought it would be a good time to inform the faithful on what is getting ready to hit the board and I don’t think you will be surprised.

1) Central Office Positions – out of control with the number of Director and exec Director Positions. We are getting ready to battle.

2) School Closures – the original list of school closures is about to come back and we may see the push to significantly close more schools this year before school starts to push teachers back into the classroom. Originally I opposed large amounts of school closures, but now that the pain is reaching the classroom. It’s time to talk.

3) Athletics Funding – heavy discussion on what we are spending outside of the classroom. This is a sacred cow in Memphis. We must discuss.

4) I would be very surprised to see non-critical policies come before the board before the merger. These sidetrack major business of delivering out budget..

5) Many MCS principals are demanding a pay increase to level with SCS principals. They believe it is an equity issue and could result in litigation. I disagree. I don’t support leveling up this year.

6) I have asked for an opinion on staff level augmentation for those schools that are losing resources. Can a PTA or a Foundation(or both) fund or volunteer staff some of the positions for some of those schools that are losing resources? Can school based personnel voluntarily contribute % of their pay to help keep some of the positions that are key? If the answer is yes, then we have some options. If not, I may need to change a policy if it is not in conflict with state or federal law.

7) And last but not least, there is a very real possibility that we may have a special election this year to fill the expanded SCS board. Although not perfect, as long as it is done by voters and not appointments, it works for me. There will be two suburban seats added. One in the south and one in the North. Get ready.. Wild ride coming..


2 Responses to The Next Round of Bruises

  1. thanks for the info. glad to see you’re fighting on central office positions and sports funding. it’s all about priorities.

  2. Gary E. says:

    Just wondering if those MCS principals who are demanding pay increases to match SCS principals will demand leveling up for SCS teachers. It is about equity, right?

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