Shifting Gears – District Teacher Recruiting and Investment

There is a lot to be said for incredible teachers. And unfortunately, it has been hard to recruit and retain teachers for some of our toughest schools in the county. And unfortunately, we have had to use outside groups to close some of the gaps.(TFA, etc.)

Now, I think I have had enough of outsourcing our county jobs and I really would like to see us create a sustainable, effective, well-paid teaching core.

For me that starts with effective recruiting. And I believe our most logical pool of candidates resides in the 130K+ students that we teach everyday.

  • I would like to see us develop and district wide instructional path for students who want to have a career in teaching in the SCS.(including dual credit)
  • I would like for SCS to develop a strategic partnership with our university partners to develop a reduced cost path to licensure.
  • I would like to see SCS help fund the needed college costs for the student.(avoiding       the need for student loans) The teacher will repay the cost by committing a minimum level of service to the district. If they leave sooner, they will repay a pro-rated share of the cost back to the district.
  • I would like to see the district pay for advanced degrees for a committed level of service to the district.

Why go out and recruit an outside contract teacher(TFA, etc.), when we can organically grow effective teachers in-house, help them meet their educational goals, and funnel them back into our district for the same price?

We should invest in our core and not divest. Our return on investment would be tremendous.


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