57 Million Dollars – Time to pay the piper

There are few unresolved merger related items. Non more important than the outstanding 57 million dollar judgment the city of Memphis owes SCS. There have been attempts to negotiate the amount based upon a so-called counter-claim the city of Memphis has filed against its former school system.

I am truly beginning to believe that the charter surrender was more about divorce proceedings from the city of Memphis. Never really had anything to do with us, it had to do with irreconcilable differences between MCS and MCC. Well, as part of the divorce, the courts granted a 57 million dollar judgment that the courts have not enforced.

57 million is important because it could help bridge the gap of funding for the SCS while our maintenance of effort settles over the next few months. However, agreement has eluded all parties.

So in order to drive this to a conclusion, I will present a resolution to ask the General Assembly create legislation to address local funding bodies who decide they will not pay their state mandated maintenance of effort. And the question is: If a judge cannot make them pay, how will the assembly make them pay?

Pretty simple: The city of Memphis receives state allocations of sales tax and other money specifically paid by the state. They could just simply withhold the money and pay to education. But to get to that, we need a process and enabling legislation. IF passed, this will be presented to Senator Norris and Rep Lollar. Attached you will find the resolution that will be presented.

State Resolution




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