The Merger is Complete – But the work is Just beginning

After 2 and a half years of political battles, marathon meetings, and a literal tear down and rebuild  of the system we are done.

All of the pain aside, I have a message for those who follow me. Both constituent and employee..

My pledge has always been to provide the best education at the lowest cost and in the most efficient way, Right now, I don’t believe that we have hit any of these marks. And it has been difficult. I can tell you 1,000 stories about how hard this has been.

But the reality is that we are offering less in core services and having our employees shoulder the majority of the cost reduction measures that we had to implement to balance our budget, When you start 150 million in the hole and no one is interested in giving you more money, and 80 percent of your cost is in personnel, the areas to choose from are few and far between.

I have had many reach out to me about the “fat” located in the central office. Yes, there are a few highly paid administrators but on the whole, the central office is as lean as it has ever been. I have had people message me about school closures. And the reality is that school closures save us very little money.

So the questions for me is: How do we restore the level of service that we had for bus transportation and how do we compensate our teachers to makeup for the lack of COLA, Step Increases, or Benefits cost? My goal is to get school started, work out the kinks, and look or opportunities starting in September to restore some of the money to help make things better.

It is not easy to find money but hopefully we will find some ways to get some more money back into the classrooms. I know many of you have lost faith in this system and I get it. I pledge I will do whatever I can for us to make this a year to remember. (hopefully for the positive).

Do what you do..  Educate. Motivate. Inspire.. I will do all that I can to support you. You all are heroes. Maybe the district can find some better ways to treat you that way.

Have a great first day!


3 Responses to The Merger is Complete – But the work is Just beginning

  1. Mike says:

    Given the rampant transportation issues experienced today, the decision to make the cuts in that area were clearly the wrong answer. The students and parents were not just inconvenienced; there were serious safety issues that must be addressed. You can’t wait until September to address this transportation.

  2. Mike says:

    More transportation issues today. My son’s bus did not show up this morning. All of the other students went to find adults to take them to school. My son waited 45 minutes until another bus happened to drive by and take him to school. Then, it took an hour and fifteen minutes after dismissal to get dropped off. At 5:15, neither the admin office nor the school answered their phone and there was no way to leave a message. This is a safety issue that must be addressed immediately. If you are concerned about helping us resolve this, you have my email address so you can contact me directly rather than through this blog.

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