Rollback Central Office Salary Increases – Lead by Example

This will be significantly more debate… But we need to talk about it..


Resolution instructing the Superintendent to roll-back salary increases for central office employees



WHEREAS, the Shelby County Board of Education is responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of its employees and students

WHEREAS, the employees of Shelby County School system saw no step increases or COLA this year,

WHEREAS, due to budget constraints the Shelby County School Board has also cut services to transportation and teachers;

WHEREAS, it is the goal of this board to lead by example its district and share in the pain and burden financially with its people,

WHEREAS, many central office employees who reapplied for positions in the district saw large pay increases based due to re-classification of job titles,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED , The Shelby County Board of Education instructs the superintendent to roll-back any salary increases for former employees of the district who re-applied for jobs and subsequently received a pay increase;

NOW, THEREFORE BE FURTHER RESOLVED , the central office cabinet positions and director positions be re-evaluated and bench marked based upon the Shelby County government salary structure vs. nationwide benchmark of salaries for large school districts.

NOW, THEREFORE BE FURTHER RESOLVED, that cost savings, be funneled to transportation budget to increase services or to provide bonuses to school based personnel



On this _27th_day of August    2013.



Submitted by:





David Reaves

Shelby County School Board District 3



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