Coming soon in SCS – Formal Employee Grievance Policy

About 6 months ago, I brought forth a resolution that the board passed that asked the superintendent to create a formal policy that had teeth that would provide a formal mechanism for filing complaints with the district and working to provide resolution with no threat of retaliation from the supervisor. Last night, our board got to see the first draft of the policy.  And it could not come soon enough.

Daily, I receive district complaints from teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria managers, etc. This policy will provide a service level that the supervisor must maintain to answer and will provide escalation all the way to Chief of Staff if need be for resolution. I have attached a copy of the draft for your review and feedback.

My goal is to pass this ASAP so we can finally have an official, reportable, and board review able system to give you more of a voice then you have had in the past. I look forward to seeing how well it works and for feedback.



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