School Board Representation on the SCS Matters – For my municipal parents

I have received multiple inquiries over the last couple of weeks from concerned parents as competition for students heats up and as parents try to make the best decisions for their children. The main questions I get are:

1) Will I have SCS board representation if I decide to allow my child to go to an SCS school if I live in a municipality?  In August of 2014, the SCS board will expand to 13 based upon the order of Judge Hardy Mays last year allowing its expansion. Commissioner Mike Ritz has proposed changing that number to 9. When the numbers change, the districts will be redrawn and all municipalities will be excluded. So to answer your question, neither David Reaves nor David Pickler will represent you any longer. Going forward you will not have representation on the SCS Board. Your representation will be on your municipal board. Your municipal school board will have no say over SCS movements or activities.

2) Does it matter?

Yes. You have no mechanism for accountability if something happens at your school that you disagree. You have no elected board member you can go to hold the Superintendent accountable. When we voted to create municipal school districts, we also voted to not have an SCS board representative.

Hope this helps clarify this question and helps you make an informed decision about representation.